Why Invest?

Crystal Lake Mining has a world class geological team, including nickel sulfide specialist Dr. Peter Lightfoot, and a proven corporate management group dedicated to building a premium asset and maximizing shareholder value through leadership on the ground and in the market.

New exploration techniques and a much greater understanding of nickel sulphide deposits have combined to provide Crystal Lake investors with tremendous potential leverage as geologists and geophysicists revisit historic zones and adjacent areas at the Nicobat Project in northwest Ontario. A promising drill program kicks off during the second half of March, 2018.

Global demand is strong for high quality nickel sulfide concentrates. The growth of the electric vehicle industry means that this demand will continue into the future.

Paradoxically, as demand has increased, the global inventory of nickel sulfide ore deposits has dwindled. Most ore bodies are either exhausted or too deep to be mined economically. Exploration and capital investment in new mines has lagged due to a prolonged period of low prices. As a result of this combination of factors, there is a need to discover and develop new deposits of nickel and other precious metals. 

Situated in Carpetner Township, in Northwestern Ontario, The Nicobat Project is well positioned to meet this demand and fill the gap in sulfide smelter supply.

The Nicobat Project is situated approximately 35 kilometers northwest of Fort Frances, 160 kilometres south of Kenora and 420 kilometres west of Thunder Bay. Logistical conditions are good with easy access to road, rail, power and water.

The Fort Frances area has a population of approximately 10,000 people and is able to provide a workforce for future project developments.